Aesthetic Dentistry

The smile and the eyes are the two facial elements that we first notice when we come into contact with a person. There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy, shimmering smile. A smile illuminated by white and shimmering teeth gives us confidence.

Not all humans have the same color teeth, and our color teeth remains constant throughout our lives. Various factors can determine the color of our teeth and affect it.

The causes of discoloration of our teeth include the following:

Aesthetic dentistry responds to our desire for improved aesthetics and a better smile.

The patient has many options for cosmetic rehabilitation. He can choose between a simple tooth whitening or other more invasive restorations, such as composite resin or porcelain faces.


It is carried out at home using personalized whitening devices (transparent trays), with a special whitening gel. Prior to home bleaching treatment, dental checkups in the clinic for any tooth decay and gingivitis and tooth cleaning are performed.

Composite resin sides

It only takes one visit and we can improve the morphology and color of the anterior teeth in a simple and fast way.

It has the disadvantage of color change over time and that they are more fragile than porcelain faces while their advantage is the lower cost.

Porcelain faces (Teeth Lifting)

Slightly invasive operation, in which minimal dental material is removed at the front of the teeth and replaced by a thin porcelain veneer which gives shine, whiteness and morphology similar to natural teeth.

Resin-Porcelain Inlays-onlays

These are essentially large porcelain or resin “fillings” that are manufactured in the laboratory, resulting in greater durability and aesthetics than direct “mouth fillings”. They are used to repair extensive tooth loss in the back teeth and are more conservative than crowns because they do not require complete tooth replacement but only the missing part.